Vission & Mission

Vision & Mission

We in M.R.D. WELFARE SOCIETY believe that though we can't spread the light all over but we can try to remove the darkness. Our mission is to abolish cancer/Hepatitis and minimize the sufferings of the mankind/women victims.

M.R.D. WELFARE SOCIETY Y has invested a great deal of thought and effort into developing ways to raise public awareness about Cancer, Hepatitis-B, Heart Attack, Diabetes, Smoking, Alcohol and Tobacco chewing and how these can be prevented. we regularly hold awareness lectures in various schools, factories and slums, organize health camps, distribute printed literature on such problems in schools and slum areas, provide monetary help to the needy patients in BPL Category, run charitable dispensaries, help women victims and lot more.

Most of the fear associated with cancer is due to lack of knowledge. We realized that people needed to be told that cancer is preventable, detectable at an early stage, and curable if treated promptly together with an improvement in daily routine.