Our Current Project

Our Current Projects

This organization is working for the benefits of the slum dwellers living in rehabilitated colonies & the villagers of India who are poor & exploited, downtrodden, backward and suffering from the dreaded diseases like Cancer & Hepatitis-B. The society is providing financial help as well as moral support to the poor and under privileged CANCER, HEPATITIS AND AIDS PATIENTS for the past 6 years. The organization is also generating awareness about Cancer, Hepatitis-B & Swine Flu in various schools of India.
From time to time our organization organizes the Community Awareness Programs and arrange camps on General Health Checkup, Heart Checkup, Bone Density Checkup, Street Plays, day celebrations & environmental protection etc. We create the awareness by organizing workshops and lectures among the masses and the school children, making them aware about the primary symptoms of cancer, hepatitis, Swine flu, Dengue and HIV/AIDS and also to tell them the DO's & Don'ts. The Society has so far done presentation in more than 2000 Schools & has given financial help to more than 100 cancer patients in different locations of INDIA.
As per the records available with Govt. of India, 80% cases of cancer are detected at terminal stage and it is the second biggest killer disease after the heart attack, TB and HIV/AIDS. This is how we are trying to save the precious human lives.
Our Projects:-
In order to achieve the above mammoth task, we are running the following projects:-
  1. Project – Jagrati To generate awareness about Cancer, Hepatitis-B & AIDS (only to senior students) etc. in various schools of India. Covered 25 Lakhs children in more than 2500 schools directly and 50 Lakhs adults indirectly.
  2. Project – Shikshit Bachpan To help poor BUT bright students and/ or whose at least one of the parents has died due to Cancer/AIDS. At present 50 students are getting help.
  3. Project Swasth Bharat To organize Free Health Check-up Camps under community health programme. Have organized more than 200 camps.
  4. o Anti tobacco / De-addiction
    o Health Check-up Camps
  5. PROJECT HELP- Financial help to poor & under-priveledged patients affected by dreadful diseases. Provided financial help to more than 200 patients.
  6. PROJECT NARI- SWALABAN- Identifying and helping poor women affected by Atrocities. Also working on "Save the girl child project under PC & PNDT, 1994". 15 such families are getting help on monthly basis.
  7. o Save the Girl Child
    o Atrocities on Women
  8. Others
    1. Monetary Help to Patients
    2. Free Charitable Dispensaries
    3. Free Street and Stage Plays
    4. Free Family Counseling Centre
    5. . Free Vocational Training in stitching for the Needy
Project - Jagrati>
Now a day we are observing some good and some not so good behavior changes in the Children. As they grow, they have to deal with various stresses, pressures and anxieties (some real, some imaginary) which lead to number of diseases (like Eye cancer, Blood cancer, T.B., BP, blood Sugar, Dental Problems, Anemia etc.). Also because of modernization of the society leading to high consumption of fast food, alcohol and a change in life style, many children are falling prey to such bad habits and getting affected by dreadful diseases. It is with this aim that we try to sensitise children and ensure the sizeable reduction in the number of future patients.
Project – Shikshit Bachpan
People affected by dreadful diseases enter in to a never ending cycle of struggle resulting in to loss of finances, breaking of families and affect on the education / future of children. Kids are deprived of joyful learning. Our Society feels that lack of education due to finances should not be a discriminating factor and it is with this aim that the Project "Shikshit Bachpan" has been initiated. Children of Cancer Patients but with bright academic record are given financial help for fee, school dress and stationary.
Project Swasth Bharat.
1. Anti tobacco / De-addiction
2. Health Check-up Camps
This is another unfortunate gift of modernization of the Society to the mankind. Needless to say that the habit of smoking / tobacco chewing / using pan masala,Khaini or Zarda is leading to the continuous increase in the number of Mouth Cancer patients. Our Society try to educate masses and school children by giving lectures in Market Places, Slums and distributing leaflets /showing bad effect of cigarette /actual photographs of mouth cancer patients to bring home the points related to use of tobacco. We have also tied up with various de-addiction centers so that cases of abuse of alcohol and drugs can be sent to them for reforms.
Project – Health Check-up Camps
Though everybody knows that "HEALTH is WEALTH " but due to human tendency specially in our country, people keep on avoiding visits to the hospitals for diagnose of probable disease on some pretext or the other. Our Society therefore decided to reach the door steps of the people in different localities and arrange a free health check-up. We are having an expert team of doctors who come forward for this noble cause.
1. Save the Girl Child
2. Atrocities on Women
In India, goddesses are revered. But, only as idols to be worshipped in the form of Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth), Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge), and Sita (ideal consort of Shri Ram). Once in a way, the form of Durga (killer of evil) or Vaishnodevi (remover of obstacles) puts fear in the Indian male. But that's about it all. The story and belief of worshiping and respecting females end here.
There are various forms of crime against woman. Some of it begins even before their birth, sometimes in the adulthood. Violence against a woman has always been a crucial issue in contemporary Indian Society. Statistics show, every seven minutes a crime is committed against women.